Five Preparation Tips for Adopting a Dog

Aren’t you excited to welcome the new member of the family? That fluffy friend of humans can be the best companion if we know how to treat them well. But if you take the adoption for granted, you can expect your dog to misbehave. He/she can be aggressive towards other people or dogs. He/she may litter outside of the box. And they may even run away from home!

Therefore, you should read these three preparation tips for dog adoption first so that you can make your fluffy friend comfortable at home.

1. Prepare the Dog’s Bed

You may think that you’re ready to share your bed with your dog. But not having a second option for that decision is undoubtedly a bad idea. Trust me; you are going to need some privacy there!

2. Buy a Collar and a Harness

a lovely dogYou’re going to need both collar and harness. A collar can be comfortable for daily use, while a harness is not. However, you should avoid walking your dog while still wearing him/her a collar because it will risk them of a neck injury. A harness is a safer alternative because it distributes the restraining force to the whole body, but it will be a nuisance for the dog if worn for a long time.

3. Pet-Proofing Your House

a cute pugAlthough dogs are not like cats when it comes to hiding, having too many furniture pieces can be a potential problem for you since dogs love to play with their claws and bites. For instance, if you have curtains that are within the dog’s reach or a sofa that has a small torn part, you can expect them to be destroyed as soon as you leave your dogs alone with them.

An ideal home for dogs is the one that has enough open space with only a few corners to hide in. If you want to place a piece of furniture within your dog’s vicinity, then you must pick one that is made of non-edible materials.

4. Join a Trainer’s Class

If you’ve never got formal training on how to train dogs, then why don’t you have it now? Believe me, watching videos on YouTube, trials and errors by yourself, and reading books won’t be as realistic as joining a dog training camp.

This step may cost you some money, but it will be a worthy investment because not only will you be able to train your dog, but once you get the knowledge, you can also teach other dogs as well.

5. Schedule Vet Visits

Dogs must be taken to a vet clinic at least once in every three months. Virus, bacteria, bad weather, are all variables that can affect your dog’s health. Besides, dogs somehow love to eat random things, and that habit makes them prone to poisoning and diseases. Therefore, regularly taking them to the vet can prevent those risks.