Effects of Arthritis on Dogs

Arthritis refers to the inflammation of joints, which usually causes pain, stiffness, and discomfort. The condition is quite common in dogs, especially the older ones, and can be quite difficult to manage. Arthritis in dogs can be caused by various issues, including joint instability, joint damage caused by trauma, and abnormal cartilage development. Other causes include infections, genetics, obesity, improper nutrition, and poor conformation. To make an accurate diagnosis of arthritis, the vet needs to do an x-ray scan of the dog’s joints. Some of the effects of arthritis on dogs are highlighted below.

Reluctance to Exercisedog exercise

Ensuring that your dog gets enough exercise each day is essential for its health. Playing with the dog and taking it for a walk are popular ways of getting the dog to exercise. However, your dog might get more and more reluctant to exercise when it is suffering from arthritis. That is usually because of the pain it feels in the joints. Reluctance to exercise can even help with the diagnosis of the problem.


sick dog

Another common effect of arthritis in dogs is behavior change. Most dogs suffering from the condition usually get a lot grumpier. The changes are caused by the pain and discomfort the dog experiences. Some dogs may even get a little more aggressive than usual, especially when they are disturbed physically.

Slow Movements

Arthritis can also make your dog move a lot slower than usual. Ideally, this is usually caused by the stiffness in the joints resulting from inflammation. You will particularly notice your dog being slower after long rest periods. The effect will also get worse when the environment gets cold.

Weight Gain

Another common effect of arthritis in dogs is an increase in body weight. That is usually a result of minimized activities and movements. The more weight the dog gains, the worse the condition gets. That is because the joints have to endure more pressure from the additional bodyweight.obese pet

Currently, there is no known cure for arthritis. The condition is progressive but can be managed. Some of the ways to manage arthritis in dogs include using joint supplements and specially formulated cbd for dogs with arthritis. CBD oil is among the most popular option for pain relievers as it comes with numerous other benefits. Your vet can also recommend various other treatment modalities like physiotherapy, cold laser, and acupuncture. For severe cases, surgery may be done to remove damaged tissue or replace the entire joint. Weight management also helps to minimize the effects of arthritis.

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